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Travel tank bag (only to use with TAB-TRADITIONAL or TAB-MAGNET)

This two-part tank bag with a capacity up to 36 litres is an ideal and inexpensive companion for all your journeys. The lower bag with the variable option to fix 'TAB-MAGNET' or 'TAB-TRADITIONAL' and a capacity of approx. 12 litres is able to be disconnected from the upper bag by zipper for use separate, for example on your daily trips. Not selfevident for multi-piece tank bags: This bag have a clear window for your map as well.
The combination of both bags give a capacity of 27 litres which can grow up to 36 litres by using in lower bag integrated elastic pleate. Of course you can carry this bag as a backpack with the removable shoulder straps.

Bitte wählen Sie die gewünschte Befestigungsmethode (traditionelle Clipbefestigung oder Magnetbefestigung) über die Optionen aus.
rutschhemmende Unterseite Dehnfalte Helmtransport
Innennetz Clipverschluss Magnetbefestigung Schultergurte

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